Gardner Museum Heist 1990 Links

1990 Gardner Heist Links

Gardner: Masterwork Of Crime Retracing The Steps Of Robbery's Twisted Trail by Elizabeth Neuffer
Boston Globe May 13, 1990

Robbers Seem to Know Just What They Want New York Times March 19, 1990

Boston Thieves Loot a Museum Of Masterpieces New York Times March 19, 1990

Inch By Inch, Hunt for Clues Goes On Boston Globe March 21, 1990

1M Reward Offered For Trail To Stolen Art Boston Globe March 21, 1990

Cost of theft coverage described as prohibitive Boston Globe March 20, 1990

Secret collector’s passion or ransom seen as motive Boston Globe March 19, 1990

Museum’s loyalists stunned, angered by its violation Boston Globe March 19, 1990 Boston Globe March 19, 1990

Security Experts Say Guards Erred in Opening Door Boston Globe March 21, 1990

Museum Robbed of Millions in Masterpieces Associated Press March 19, 1990

Art Dealer Recalls Marcoses' $2.2M Spree: Paul Moses | Newsday May 5, 1990

FBI Said To Have Suspects Worldwide In Gardner Theft May 14, 1990

CBS News Report March 19, 1990

Interview with mystery writer Jane Langton on art theft at Gardner Museum and at the 3:00 raw, unedited footage from the Gardner Museum from Monday, March 19, 1990

Gardner Museum Press Conference and news segement from March 19, 1990

WCVB News Report "from the archive" March 19, 1990 about the Gardner heist.

Enchanted Castle Can't Shut Out Crime...A Dramatic Heist Shocked The Gardner Art Museum Out Of Its Quiet Routine by E.F. Porter Jr.
St. Louis Post - Dispatch March 25, 1990

1,000 Tips, 0 Arrests In Heist Investigation
Boston Globe May 13, 1990

Gallery: Gardner heist newspaper coverage circa 1990
Boston Globe September 30, 2013

Khashoggi Ends Claim to Real Estate, Art: In exchange, racketeering charges still pending will be dropped. Property was purchased from Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.
Los Angeles Times July 10, 1990

Boston Globe March 20, 1990

MFA Visitors, Guards Take Stock Of Gardner Loss
Boston Globe March 20, 1990

TV program America’s Most Wanted to devote an episode to the caper by Susan Bickelhaupt Boston Globe May 11, 1990

Thieves Pose As Cops, Steal 12 Priceless Paintings Boston Globe March 19, 1990

Director and curator of Gardner Museum Press Conference March 19, 1990

Charles Stuart's body is pulled from Mystic River, lending a new perspective to the murder of his wife. Ten O'Clock News (An in depth, quality report) January 4, 1990

"Ground breaking" ceremony for the Central Artery project (aka the Big Dig) less than a week before the Gardner Heist held on March 12, 1990

Spy Conrad sentenced to life in prison by Mary Neth Stars and Stripes June 7, 1990

FBI Agent: Security Breach ‘Unprecedented’ by James Martinez AP June 8, 1990

14 Paintings Found 2 Years After Theft On Upper East Side

Evolution in Europe; Ex-Sergeant Charged With Role In Selling Secrets to Warsaw Pact

Boston Thieves Loot a Museum Of Masterpieces
By Fox Butterfield, Special To the New York Times March 19, 1990

Museum Theft Stumps Police Harvard Crimson April 3, 1990

The Gardner Heist (Opinion) March 21, 1990

The Theft That Shook the World
The Washington Post March 20, 1990

Boston Museum Heist Leaves Officials Searching For Motive Washington Post March 20, 1990

Gardner's Museum Magestic, Eccentric March 19, 1990

Boston Museum Says It Was Uninsured for Theft Fox Butterfield New York Times March 20, 1990

For Museum, a Theft Was Only the Start New York Times Just 18, 1990

FBI: Ex-soldier [Roderick Ramsay] admitted selling NATO secrets Boston Globe June 9, 1990

John Connolly FBI Retirement December 1990

Heist Unsolved, Gardner Moves On Christian Science Montior November 6, 1990

Grateful Dead 3-18-90 Civic Center Hartford CT "Shakedown Street"

Restraining the Media at the CIA Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff and Jeff McConnell, Special to the Globe, Boston Globe August 22, 1989


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