Gardner Museum Heist Audio Links

Diane and Gardner Heist guard Rick Abath on "StoryCorps" March 13, 2015, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

WGBH News Interview with Anthony Amore by Juliette Kayyem February 11, 2016

WBUR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Interview discussion with Anne Hawley, director of Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 1989-2015, Anthony Amore, director of security for the Gardner Museum, and Robert Wittman, former senior investigator and founder of the FBI’s National Art Crime Team.

WNPR Morning Edition
Interview with Art Conservator Cynthia Schwarz about the likely extent of damage to the stolen Gardner art. May 5, 2016

Audio recording of the now famous FBI Press conference where Boston SAIC said that the FBI had confirmed the identity of the thieves and had tracked some of the stolen Gardner art through Connecticut and the Philadelphia area, ten years earlier.

WATD radio interview with Stephen Kurkjain. March 30, 2016

Inteview with Bosotn Globe's Shelley Murphy and Stephen Kurkjian over the Paul Calantrop lead

College Radio interview with Anthony Amore March 29, 2017

Interview of Stephen Kurkjian on WNPR's "Where We Live" September 8, 2017

'A 'tantalizing new clue' in the Gardner heist, more than 30 years later' Interview Stephen Kurkjian and Shelley Murphy of the Boston Globe by WBUR's Tiziana Dearing November 30, 2021 about Bobby Donati link to the stolen art by Paul Colantropo

Interview of Stephen Kurkjian on WBUR "Radio Boston" March 12, 2015

Interview of Stephen Kurkjian on WBUR "Radio Boston" August 3, 2015

Four Second Clip of Joe Gibbons Partially Confessing to the Gardner Heist in 2017 Time: 1:10

Episode 10: 'Last Seen' Live | Last Seen - WBUR

Kelly Horan Interview Studio 360 November 15, 2018

Last Reflections: Final Episode Of 'Last Seen' Podcast Released WBUR Kelly Horan interview with Anthony Brooks

Kelly Horan Interview on WAAF's M & N Hour

Kelly Horan Interview on Podcast Brunch Club

"Security Breach" Eye-popping "Empty Frames" interview with security guard Marj Galas who worked less than 24 hours before the robbery and lived with one of the guards working when the robbery occurred. Suggested time 34:00

"A Night Watchman" "Empty Frames" interview with Gardner Security guard who left three years before the robbery describes interview he had by the FBI and other matters.

"Empty Frames" Discussion with me about the Gardner heist eve video and the Gardner Museum basement crimce scene.

"Empty Frames" podcast discussion with me about Gardner heist press coverage, the silent alarm and Gardner heist June 16, 2020 politics

Is Schizophrenia Contagious? "Empty Frames" podcast discussion with "Irreplace" author Charles Pinning about the theory of Joe Gibbons' involvement July 28, 2020

"Empty Frames" Interview with Myles Connor's co-author Jenny Siler


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